Hi! I'm Ruth, the therapist behind this guide.

I am a couple's counsellor and mother of two, here to help you jumpstart your journey into parenthood!

This guide has been carefully designed using almost a decade of clinical experience and work with couples. I've seen what happens when people are unprepared - it can take a big toll on relationships. But you CAN make it easier on yourself and your relationship with the help of these Conversation Starters!
Photo of Ruth Skutezky, M.A., RCC

Are you pregnant or expecting a baby?

  • Feeling a bit nervous or not knowing what to expect?

  • Wanting to talk to your partner about it but not sure where to start?

  • Or maybe you are feeling excited and ready for this next chapter to begin, but you want to make sure you've been proactive?

  • However you are feeling, these Conversation Starters will guide you to reflect on those important questions to help you envision what life with a baby is going to be like, make sure you and your partner's expectations are aligned, and generally help you navigate beoming parents!

Feel more prepared, and get your new family off to the BEST possible start - for only $19 CND.

(you won't regret it!)