Having a baby is really hard on your relationship.

I've been there - the middle of the night arguments, seeing sides of each other and ourselves that we didn't like, and at times, feeling so far apart. But along the way we learned where we were going wrong, what we should have figured out beforehand, and eventually, how to get back on track.

  • Are you:

  • Pregnant or expecting a baby?

  • Feeling a bit nervous?

  • Not knowing really what to expect or how to prepare?

  • This E-Book can help. I have carefully designed it to help you strengthen your relationships, BEFORE the baby arrives!

Hi! I'm Ruth!

I'm Couple's Counsellor and a Mother of two. And I'm going to guide you to strengthen your relationship as you start this new chapter.

We are often so focused on the excitement of a new baby, that we forget about the most important part - our relationship! You don't have to learn the hard way!
Photo of Ruth Skutezky, M.A., RCC

In this Convenient E-Book, Learn the 3 Essential Elements for Strengthening your Relationship

  • Sharpen Your Relationship Savvy

  • Deepen Your Conversations

  • Create a Seamless Post-partum Plan

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From our happy soon-to-be parents:

Thank you!

Nicole, Vancouver, BC

"...Now we have a lot more confidence that we can take on this challenge together! Ruth provided us with both the knowledge to recognize issues as they come up and with multiple tools to reach solutions together more effectively. Thank you, for setting up my partner and I for success with our new baby!!"

We feel so much closer now!

Jenn, Coquitlam, BC

"I truly feel that I have the strategies I needed to make my relationship even better. Although I know having a baby is going to be a challenge, now we've talked through many of the uncertainties... we feel so much closer now, and can't wait for the next chapter as a family."