Master the 3 Keys to Communicating like a Relationship Pro:

  • Make sense of your arguments

    Understand why you are REALLY fighting, and the two types of relationship problems you need to know about

  • Learn the simple yet effective skills that make the difference

    How to share your feelings so you are heard by your partner, and listen in a way that make you feel more connected

  • Rediscover your relationship strengths

    Double-down on what is good! Rediscover what you are doing well in your relationship and build on its strengths

Let's face it - relationships are tough, and most of us are not taught how to communicate in a productive way.

  • Are you:

  • Having the same argument over and over with your partner?

  • Finding that the fights tend to linger on at times?

  • Maybe feeling like you could probably do a better job expressing your feelings and trying to understand your partner?

  • Fight Less, Fight Fair! is what you've been waiting for. It has been carefully designed to guide you to a stronger relationship, by fine-tuning your communication skills.

Hi! I'm Ruth!

I'm couple's counsellor and a relationship coach, here to help you on your journey to a better relationship!

I know that solid communication skills are at the core of successful relationships. But most of us aren't taught these habits... so we just go by what we know. But you don't have to be locked into your communication patterns or ways of working through conflict. You can LEARN a different way!
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Strengthen your relationship for only $39 Canadian (~$29 USD)

(it's cheaper than therapy!)