Hi! We are the therapists behind the Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Workbook..

We are counsellors and mothers, who have carefully designed this guide to help other mothers navigate their postpartum experience.

With 15+ years of clinical experience, we've seen what happens when mothers struggle with Postpartum Anxiety & Depression -- these conditions can take a toll on your ability to enjoy your baby, impact your relationship, and unfortunately can even cause you to question your own abilities as a mother. But you CAN find your way back to yourself, with the help of this workbook.
Photo of Ruth Skutezky, M.A., RCC and Alexandra Stewart, M.A.,RCC

Are you a new mother?

  • Having a hard time adjusting to life with a baby?

  • Wanting to feel more like yourself?

  • Maybe you're feeling irritable, anxious or emotional, and don't know where to turn for support?

  • If you are seeing a counsellor to support your mental health, this workbook can be an excellent addition to your work, and if you have not taken that step, this guide can help you get started on your own.

This practical workbook includes 52 carefully crafted pages of:

self-care exercises, self-compassion challenges, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, relationship enhancement tools, & information to support your mental health.

We have designed this to be easy-reading -- pick it up and put it down like a magazine -- because we know how hard it is to focus & concentrate during the postpartum period! We hope that EACH page has something to offer you, no matter where you are in your motherhood journey.

Our promise to you after completing the Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Workbook...

  • You are more informed about Postpartum Mental Health

  • You can identify what makes you feel better or worse

  • You discover your existing coping strategies, and have more to add to your mental health toolkit

  • You begin to connect with your resiliency & strengths

  • You can better understand relationship factors that may be at play, and strategies for how to improve them

  • You are able to move away from mom guilt into more self-compassion

  • AND most importantly, you can enjoy your experience of motherhood more

Feel more like yourself again, learn tools for managing your mental health, and find your way back to joy - for only $25 CND.

When mothers put their mental health first, the whole family benefits.

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